AK NiNTAUS X10 MP3 Player Upgraded Version DSD64 HIFI Music High Quality Mini Sports DAC WM8965 CPU 16GB

AK NiNTAUS X10 MP3 Player Upgraded Version DSD64 HIFI Music High Quality Mini Sports DAC WM8965 CPU 16GB

List Price: US $58.00
Price: US $55.10
You save: US $2.90 (5%)
Memory Size:
List Price: US $58.00
Price: US $55.10
You save: US $2.90 (5%)
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item specifics
Storage Type:
Flash Memory
Brand Name:
Audio Format Support:
Battery Specification:
Lithium Battery
Dimensions (WxHxD):
Signal Noise Ratio:
Operation Mode:
Touch Tone
Supports FM:
Screen Size:
2.0 inches
Photo Viewer
Battery Life:
< 10 hours
Body Material:
Supports Recording Function:
Have Speakers or not:
Balanced Out:
Model Number:
External Memory:
Supports EBook Reading:
Store Name:
AK Audio store
Store Number:
Store No.119089
Product description

NiNTAUS X10 MP3 Player Upgraded Version DSD64 HIFI Music High Quality Mini Sports DAC WM8965 CPU 16GB


  • Aluminum housing, durable and rugged

  • 2.0inch TFT 300 * 240 true color display screen, visual clarity, high color saturation, song lyrics, artist synchronized display

  • NiNTAUS X10 can support 24 bit/192khz track, Output sound quality fine, can hear the effect of a variety of musical instruments playing, as if in the field.

  • Breakpoint playback to help you record the progress of music play, the next boot can go on playing

  • Support 128G expansion card

  • Earphone dual-channel output, X10 use headphone output PO independent design to ensure clean sound without interference

  • Line-out and volume synchronization output, -6db and 0db optional

  • User-friendly turntable design, the use of balance wheel control system and UI interface simultaneously display, can be quickly selected, whether it is manipulative or visual effects are brought about a different experience

  • Support CUE format file, record track information, enjoy the shock single track effect after divide track, the general CUE format files need to combine the original track file to playback

  • Treble transparent, recording track information, bass dive, sound field highly reduction, wide sound range.

  • Native DSD, support DSD64 lossless format, the music signal direct audio decoding through the main control IC, remove the DOP process, greatly reducing the loss of sound quality, to achieve true native music playback

  • Lasting power life, X10 MPU energy-saving management, built-in 1500mAh lithium battery, continuous playback time of about 60 hours

  • X10 can automatically synchronize the lyrics display is very convenient

  • X10 supports full format lossless music playback, no longer convert format,

  • X10 player built-in high-quality amps IC, HIFI circuit in a specially designation to give full play to the potential of audio decoding, Provides surging thrust, 16 ohm 300 ohm


  • Operating system: Window XP, VISTA, WINDOWS 8

  • Screen: 2.0inch 320 * 240

  • Headphone output:> = 80mw

  • Volume control: 100 digital volume control

  • Signal to noise ratio:> = 99db

  • EQ: Rock, pop, soft, jazz, classical, electronic music, (sampling rate in the 48khz only support EQ settings)

  • Playback settings: normal, random, all, single loop playback mode

  • Audio Rate: MP3: 16kbps-320kbps WMA: 16kbps-320kbps WAV: 24bit / 48khz 16kbps-1536kbps

  • APE / FLAC 24 bit / 192khz 512kbps-1536kbps

  • Play time: about 60 hours (headset volume 30 ,play lossless music)

  • Charging time: about 5 hours (using 5V / 1000 mA charger)

  • Audio formats: MP3.WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC, ACC, OGG

  • Menu Language: English

  • Operating temperature: 0-45degree

  • Transmission interface: micro 5pin, USB2.0

  • Expansion card: support 128GB

  • Size :98*58*16mm

Support formats:

  • WMA: 96 KHz/24bit

  • FLAC: 192 kHz/24bit

  • OGG: 48 kHz/16bit

  • ACC: 48 KHz/16Bit

  • APE: 192 kHz/24bit

  • MP3: 24 KHz/16bit

  • ALAC: 192 KHz/24bit

  • WAV: 192 kHz/64bit

  • AIFF: 48 kHz/16bit


  • 1 x NiNTAUS X10 Music Player

  • 1 x 16GB Micro SD card

  • 1 x USB cable

  • 1 x Silicone cas

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Expert review
AK NiNTAUS X10 MP3 Player Upgraded Version DSD64 HIFI Music High Quality Mini Sports DAC WM8965 CPU 16GB.
Review by: Fiona L.
As for me, a long-standing and comprehensive preliminary product research is a much needed measure before buying products online. unplanned buying is as much awesomeness as risk, so I decided it was worth spending some time to take a look at the product with great precision.

Looks like I was immensely lucky to find the AK NiNTAUS X10 MP3 Player Upgraded Version DSD64 HIFI Music High Quality Mini Sports DAC WM8965 CPU 16GB so freely offered online. My research has helped me understand that this product is radically unlike the great majority of the seemingly alike items due to its amazing quality. I’ve looked through some basic criteria that are generally applied to the items of this sort, and discovered that the one I’ve ordered stands apart from the rivalry and in every respect is more than asensible alternative for this price category.

I could wish for a lower price, and who wouldn’t, (the one that is much closer to zero, how cool would be that?), but, it’s fair to say the existing price is quite acceptable. You can’t expect a superior quality item to be impossibly cheap as it will mean either a inferior quality of raw materials, or an inadequate production quality, or both. Or, even more terrible, it will mean taking advantage of lowpaid staff members. How about no, not the exact kind of item I wish to back with my purchase.

I would also like to let you know that when I got my buy delivered and took a look into the package I was happy to see that AK NiNTAUS X10 MP3 Player Upgraded Version DSD64 HIFI Music High Quality Mini Sports DAC WM8965 CPU 16GB has arrived in superb working condition, with no weak points or physical defects or anything like that. It’s admirable to know the buy has proven its worth, so yeah, I unquestionably recommend getting this one.
Overall Rating
Review Summary
My meticulous Internet research makes it obvious that the item stands apart from the competitors and my own testing finds it has an unmatched quality.
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Customer reviews
Verified buyer
Около двух недель пути, и он пришёл! Плеер зачётный. Но очень много зависит от наушников. Я нищеброд, и у меня пока нет денег на хорошие ушки. Пока слушаю через Shini SN-Q140 (аудиофилы, поди, и не знают, что это). Но эти наушники по звуку намного превосходят свою цену! Наушники, которые шли в комплекте, не смогла слушать вообще. Понравился силиконовый чехол, хоть и липнет всё к нему. Неприятно, что инструкция только на китайском. Хотя бы английскую версию сделали. В самом плеере два языка - английский и русский, но названия песен отображает на любом, хоть на китайском) Управление не самое удобное, но привыкнуть можно. Слово menu размазанное получилось, плохая печать. Но не важно, потому что закрыла чехлом.
Verified buyer
I was suprised how better music sounds this than my previous mp3 player.
Verified buyer
качество и звучание плеера отличное. Единственное , долго был в пути.
Verified buyer
Пять звезд однозначно! Спасибо все качественно и круто!
Verified buyer
Es para un regalo, así que todavía no he podido abrirlo. Parece de calidad.
Verified buyer
Все отлично и супер! Спасибо за плеер! В Одессу доставили за 20 дней. Упаковано тщательно. Звучит шикарно!
Verified buyer
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