INBIKE 2.8” Large Screen Bike Computer Wireless

INBIKE 2.8” Large Screen Bike Computer Wireless

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Standard Wireless
Standard Wireless
Extension Mount
Extension Mount
Extension Mount
Extension Mount
Green Standard Wired
White Standard Wired
List Price: US $19.99
Price: US $11.39
You save: US $8.60 (43%)
item specifics
Stopwatch and Accessories:
Waterproof Stopwatch
Model Number:
Brand Name:
Wired / Wireless
Stopwatch / Temperature Display / Calories
Green / White
Screen Size:
2.8 INCH
Product Name:
INBIKE Waterproof Bike Computer
Outdoor Bicycle Bike Cycling Riding
Product description

INBIKE 2.8” Large Screen Bicycle Computer Wireless Bike Computer Rainproof Speedometer Odometer Cycling Measurable Stopwatch


Waterproof Bike Speedometer



Features and specifications:

2.8 INCH Large Screen Bike Computer
No fear of rainy days/Powerful function/Two sets of data records
Product information:
Size:2.8 inch
Battery:2032 battery
Model:wired and wireless
Backlight color:white, green
Waterproof:daily life waterproof
Feature:backlight, easy to operate, LCD screen
Inspect method:
One hand holds a sensor and another hand magnet. Move the magnet up and down to see if there is a data display on the screen. (like the right picture)

2.8-inch FSTN screen
Adopt FSTN material. You can read the data clearly from many angles.
Compare size with Band card

Artificial intelligence chip
Save the data even the power runs out
No fear to rainy days
No matter the drizzle or heavy rain, it is ok for you to ride

Backlight function
It is clear both at day and night
Press the left and right button to trigger or turn off the continuous backlight.
Press any button for 4-second backlight.
no backlight at daytime
clearer at night

Powerful function, easy to operate
Press the “M” button to switch three interfaces. Lots of functions.

Ⅰ/Ⅱ data record
Can be used in two bikes at the same time. Press the M button for 6 seconds to switch.
Automatic standby mode and wake automatically
Identify the bike movement automatically and save electricity. (As for wireless version, you need to press the button to wake it.)
When no movement, it will be in standby mode automatically to save electricity.
Left: Stop to be in the standby mode
Right: Move to wake

Product details

Dimensions: 2.8 inch
Models: Wired or wireless
Waterproofing: IPX6
Colors: Black
Power supply: 2030 battery
Backlight color: White or green
Installation location: Bike handlebars
Application: bicycle or tricycle

Long battery endurance
only need one 2033 battery
use a coin to open the cover
Extension mount
easy for you read data (only extension mount version has extension mount)
Suitable for 25~31.5MM diameter handlebar
Fits most bikes

Product display

Standard (wired)
• Cycling monitor
• Wired base
• Magnetic head
• 6 x Nylon ribbon
• Manual
• 2 x Sponge Pad
• 2032 battery

Standard (wireless)
• Cycling monitor
• Wireless base
• Wireless inductor
• Magnetic head
• 6 x Nylon ribbon
• Manual
• 2 x Sponge Pad
• 2032 battery

Extension mount (wired)
• Cycling monitor (battery inside)
• wired extension mount
• Magnetic head
• 6 x Nylon ribbon
• Manual
• Sponge Pad

Extension mount (wireless)
• Cycling monitor (battery inside)
• Wireless extension mount
• Wireless inductor
• Magnetic head
• 6 x Nylon ribbon
• Manual
• 2 x Sponge pad

Magnet and launcher installation
Two types are different. Please pay attention.
Wired bike computer
Magnet is fixed by screw. The distance between magnet and launcher should be 1.5~5mm. The head of the magnet should be aligned with the upper or lower ends of the launcher.
Wireless bike computer
1. The distance between wireless launcher and computer should be within 60cm. So that computer can receive the signal and work normally.
2. The distance between magnet and launcher should be within 3mm.
3. The magnet should be placed like this picture.
Extension mount installation:
1.Install the extension mount
Unlock the buckle and put the mount on the middle of the handlebar. Adjust the angle and screw it tight. (If the handlebar is thin, please put the long rubber spacer.)
2.Install the extension mount
Insert the computer to the extension mount buckle. Push hard to the end. It is finished when you hear a sound. (If you don’t install the computer in the right position, there will be no data display.)

Wireless bike computer installation
1. Fix the base on the handlebar
2. Install the computer on the base
3. Fix the magnet on the spoke. Don’t screw it tight in order to adjust it later
4. Fix the wireless launcher through nylon belt
5. Adjust the distance between magnet and launcher. It should be 3mm. When it is over 3mm, adjust magnet position and screw tight.
6. Finish the installation and start to use it.

Base assembly
Remove the screws from the base and switch directions depending on your installation method


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