Neck Support Tension Reliever

Neck Support Tension Reliever

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Price: US $4.94
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List Price: US $7.05
Price: US $4.94
You save: US $2.11 (30%)
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Braces & Supports
Release Pain From Illness
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Neck Support Tension Reliever Neck Shoulder Relaxer
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Neck Support Tension Reliever >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Brand New and High quality!
Releases neck and shoulder tension.
Releases muscle tension in the jaw
Relieves tightness and soreness

Condition: brand new
Material: sponge+plastic
Color: blue
Weight: 115g

Package included:
1 x Neck Support Tension Reliever Neck And Shoulder Relaxer

Preventing Neck Tension

Here are several ways you can manage and prevent tension in your neck and shoulders:

  • Get ergonomic. Adjust your workstation so that your computer is at eye level. Adjust the height of your chair, desk, and computer until you find the right fit. Consider using a standing desk, but make sure you do it correctly.
  • Think about your posture. Improve your posture when sitting andstanding. Keep your hips, shoulders, and ears in a straight line. Consider setting alarms to check in with how you’re holding yourself throughout the day.
  • Take breaks. Take breaks while you work and travel to get up, move your body, and stretch your neck and upper body. This can benefit more than just your muscles, it can also benefit your eyes and mental well-being.
  • Sleep on it. Improve your sleeping position with a smaller, flatter, firmer pillow.
  • Take the weight off your shoulders — literally. Use a rolling bag instead of carrying heavy bags over your shoulders. You may want to do a monthly cleaning to make sure you’re only carrying the essentials, and not weighing yourself down with more burden for your neck and back.
  • Start moving. Get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week to keep your body in good condition.
  • Practice mindfulness through meditation and yoga. Practicing either yoga or meditationcan help reduce psychological and physical stress. Yoga can count as part of your daily exercise, too!
  • See a doctor or dentist when necessary. If you’re experiencing chronic neck tension, or aren’t sure what’s causing it, it definitely doesn’t hurt to see a doctor. You should also consult a dentist about teeth grinding or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) treatments. They may be able to provide you with an overnight bite guard or other treatment option.

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Neck Support Tension Reliever - relieves tightness and sorenessNeck Support Tension Reliever- releases muscle tension in the jawNeck Support Tension Reliever - detailsNeck Support Tension Reliever - dimensions

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